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Where do you go to spend your Calgary Dollars (C$)? Or where you can sell your items, and be part of the Calgary Dollars community? Go to one of our Markets!

Markets or Bazaars are excellent opportunities to exchange goods or services for Calgary Dollars, meet other members of the Calgary Dollars Community, or sign up to become a new member.  If you’re a business or an individual, this is where you can buy, sell, trade, and be connected to a community that is making a difference.  They are open to all. Contact us to learn more.

OUR NEXT EVENT:  The Money of Business.  Workshop Series, Nov9 – Dec14, 2017. Free.

Interested in Turning Your Hobby into a Business?  This is a free financial literacy and entrepreneurship workshop series, to introduce you to how to manage money and start a business.

Click here for more info.

This is FREE. For BEGINNERS. Childcare and snacks available.
2 Workshops series! (same day for your choice of time): 2 – 4pm, or, 5.30 – 7.30pm.
Russet Court. Near Rundle train station, NE.

For more information and to register for the workshops, contact Conor Deeney.
403-293-0424, Ext. 111 / cdeeney@nefcs.ca

Listings Site

The Calgary Dollars listing site is the place to go when wanting to buy and sell using Calgary Dollars. Browse our Listings to find the item you need, or browse our business directory to get a sense of where you can spend your Calgary Dollars.

Once you have registered, you can enter classified ads as listings for goods or services for sale, to earn Calgary Dollars (C$) or a percentage of regular Canadian dollars, to keep supporting our local economy!

Check Out The Listings Site!

Business Directory

This directory is a small sampling of larger businesses that accept Calgary Dollars, and can be sorted by most recently listed, or lowest and highest price.

NOTE: as new businesses join Calgary Dollars and others leave, the Directory may not be entirely up-to-date at the exact moment that you search – therefore, please contact the businesses first before going to their store to confirm C$ acceptance.

Go To The Directory


For the list of businesses and hundreds of listings, please go to The Listings Site.