The main way to get Calgary Dollars (C$) is to become part of the Calgary Dollars economy by offering a good or service for sale where you will take a portion of revenue in Calgary Dollars.  We believe that every single person has something of value to offer to their neighbours.  Join Calgary Dollars today by taking out a listing and start circulating new ideas about money.  Anyone in the Calgary area, business or individual, can become a participant by accepting between 25% and 100% Calgary Dollars for the goods or services they sell.

 How to Join

GET FREE C$20, by Joining! Do the 3 following: 

  1. Register
  2. Post a Listing
  3. Fill Out a Survey

You must do all 3 things to get your C$20.

To do this, please click the “Register” button to visit our listings website. You’ll need to register for the program, then enter your account and post a listing, and then complete the Intake survey.  This is an essential way for us to evaluate our program and meet funding requirements. When you fully complete all three things, you’ll receive C$20 for free that you can then spend to be part of the local currency.  Don’t worry, it will be re-iterated by clicking the link; however, if you get lost in the process, come back to this page, to make sure you’ve done all three things (ie make sure you’ve done the survey). Anyone can purchase what you offer, however, since the advertising and listings are circulated to the Calgary Dollars community, members try to purchase within the community using Calgary Dollars, encouraging local spending.

 Why Use Calgary Dollars

Calgary Dollars is a local complementary currency that puts financial self-resiliency into your own hands.  There are many great reasons to use this currency, and here are a few of them:

When you’re part of Calgary Dollars (C$), you can sell your goods and services in a new network for new possibilities.  It’s a safe way to try out a small business idea or simply sell some things from home that other people could use.

Instead of moving your money to large corporations out of town, keep it with small local growing business through C$.  We are a localization effort to bring the power of the people back to our communities.  Think globally; act locally.

When you use C$, you help your neighbour by supporting his or her business.  You engage in local conversations with other C$ members to develop a strong sense of community.

C$ believes in sustainable practices, and helps reduce our ecological footprint by supporting businesses that keep products local, instead of them travelling from far away.

Join an expanding network of people wanting to make a difference.  Learn new skills from them, take action with friends, and expand your resources.


This is an opportunity to be involved in an energetic social justice agency, with a group of people who are actively trying to make a difference in the work their do, focusing on supporting local businesses and initiatives through a local complementary currency. Come and join us and help out make the wheels of this program continue to spin effectively, so we can assist in developing strong communities for social action.

Calgary Dollars focuses on community economic development, and to keep the mechanics of the program running smoothly, we enlist volunteers to assist with membership renewal and growth, funding requirements, data entry, business development, and marketing initiatives. We often have ‘volunteer work parties’ to gather volunteer efforts in one afternoon every few weeks.

How you volunteer with Calgary Dollars is flexible, whether it’s helping in the kitchen at our Calgary Dollars Markets once a month, a few hours per week here at the office or at home, or just whenever you can lend a helping hand, let us know. We value the work of our volunteers, as they are the cornerstone to any organisation. If you’ve ever wanted to participate in work that actively supports sustainable practice and social justice, then this is the place for you!

We are currently seeking a committed Calgary Dollars Data Management & Volunteer Coordinator to manage these the mechanics of the Calgary Dollars program, assist with projects, and coordinate our volunteers efforts around them. Please contact us for more information.