About Take Action Grants

takeactiongrants_newGrants have been issued by Calgary Dollars (C$) since it began circulating complementary currency in 1996. These grants are designated for social and environmental projects in Calgary. Grants help educate Calgarians about the role of complementary currency, expand the amount of C$ in circulation, educate Calgarians about social and environmental issues in our city, and provide much-needed funds to initiatives. Since 2006, Canadian dollars were contributed to match the Calgary Dollars by The Calgary Foundation (up to $1000 each).


How Does It Work?


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How to Apply

Application Form | Overview of TAG recipients since 1998


To apply, please fill out the appropriate short application form and then contact the office to discuss your proposal.

• Past experience with the project work.
• Number of community collaborations included in the work.
• The demonstrated ability to use C$ and community resources.
• The size of the grant amount and percentage of C$.
• The input of C$ participants and community.
• The potential long term impacts of the issues being addressed.

• Funds are awarded in matching 50% Canadian dollars and 50% Calgary dollars to a maximum of $2000 total
• Project needs to be grassroots (community based, activist, small scale organization)
• Project is not primarily a fundraiser
• Project is locally oriented – international projects are not our focus
• Project is not-for-profit
• Project fits with Arusha’s mandate to move social and environmental justice forward in Calgary.
• TAG applications cannot be considered for an individual, organization or the project more than once.

Once the deadline has passed the applications are reviewed for completeness by staff and our Advisory Committee. Once this stage is complete, applicants create a 2 minute video (1 min. on the project being funded and 1 min. on the TAG budget). This video is uploaded to a public site by the applicant and circulated by The Arusha Centre and the applicant to share it with all Calgarians. Approved grants receive their payments (with a 25% cash holdback pending submission of the final report) within one month’s time.

Thank you to the Calgary Foundation – Aquarius Fund, Sunnyside Market, the Calgary Folk Music Festival and Mountain Equipment Coop for supporting TAG by donating the Calgary Dollars currency to match the federal dollars!

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TAG Recipients can use these logos to place on their project materials
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