Using C$ in your business

Is your business looking to attract new customers, or, are you looking to start a new venture?  Is maintaining your current customer base a priority? Does brand-management play a leading role in your marketing decisions?  Is managing operating costs a priority? Calgary Dollars is a program that’s beneficial for local business owners; to help them grow their business, connect directly with their customers and community, and to retain loyalty.  Calgary is one of the leaders in entrepreneurship and innovation.  Building on these characteristics, the Calgary Dollars program is designed to help you achieve your business goals.  This is a local affinity program.  In fact, it has been touted at an international level as one of the leading customer engagement programs in North America.  Come be a part of it!

 What Is it?

Calgary Dollars is a complementary currency that is the same as federally tendered cash.  You can accept it and make change with it.  You can spend it on your suppliers such as advertisers and vendors; you can offset overhead by paying your staff bonuses; and most importantly, you can attract new customers by highlighting the “buy local” nature of your business and encourage usage through discount programs and specials without eating into your profit margin.


Will it cost me anything

There are no hard costs associated with Calgary Dollars. We provide you with some of the marketing tools to inform your community of suppliers, vendors, customers and staff about the program and we will even come in and assist in a staff training session for free.


Why is it important?

We know you are busy and one more affinity program can seem overwhelming. Affinity programs are just part of consumer behaviour.  It is becoming expected by consumers that there will be some sort of reward for making a purchase.  So, businesses offer discounts on their products to entire consumers to buy.  Why not have a reward program / discount effort for making a local purchase?  Calgary Dollars is that program.  Calgary Dollars rewards your network for doing business with you, but the money in C$ you receive can still be used for other costs through the C$ network.  It builds a stronger local economy, and a stronger economy means greater business opportunities for you.  And, it is part of the ever-growing ‘green economy’ of businesses that are thinking sustainably minded.



Loyalty programs are a proven successful everywhere in the business world, Calgary Dollars is government-endorsed, free, easy, and local success story.

Measuring success with Calgary Dollars is as easy as customers walking in the door and as easy to manage as a new payment option.

Unlike a sale, Calgary Dollars attracts new customers without cutting into your profit margin.

Hundreds of listings from local stores, businesses, and individuals make it accessible to spend Calgary Dollars. Some businesses spend Calgary Dollars on existing costs when staff and supplies connect to support the Calgary Dollars economy.

You can adjust the percentage of Calgary Dollars you accept from 25% to 100% and add and change your listings anytime for free. In fact, there are no fees from joining, transactions, or administration.  Many businesses find that the higher the percentage, the more customers they attract.  You can start at a higher rate and then decrease when it suits.

Develop a business idea. Here you can take a risk in starting a new business idea, and see how it works in our Markets.  We have workshops and initiatives to support new businesses into fruition.

• Active Social Media networking, with web, and mass marketing opportunities
• Printed advertising quarterly
• Monthly social networking events

 Tax information

The use of local currencies, including Calgary Dollars, and bartering, is legal and taxable by Revenue Canada. The specific documentation for this is contained in the Revenue Canada bulletin IT-490 Barter Transactions.