Family Bazaar May 21, 11:30-3:30

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An afternoon of community spirit, bargains, and fun. Open to all!

Photo booth, henna painting, free vending tables to sell used items, free coffee/tea, raffle, buttonmaking, bike activities & live performers!

Book Your table to sell crafts, childrens items, housewares, clothing, or pre-packaged food or register to perform: or 402-270-8002. To get involved contact or 403-816-8145.

PS I: Calgary Dollars Participant Profile Series

Calgary Dollars introduces you to the Profile Series.

The Profile Series will be profiling businesses that are a part of the Calgary Dollars community. In each business profile you will find information regarding Calgary Dollars usage, business information, business location, and valuable web links.

PS I: The Sentry Box


The Sentry Box accepts Calgary Dollars for 50% of purchase prices, and is a great place to use your Calgary Dollars currency.

The Sentry Box is located at 1835 10th Avenue S.W., and is a mecca for those interested in fantasy, science fiction, military games, books and miniatures. The Sentry Box is dedicated to maintaining a well-stocked store for their customers, and as such the policy of the Sentry Box has always been “If it’s in print, we’ll try to stock it.” To that end, the Sentry Box shelves over 100,000 different items, demonstrating commitment to their policies and customers. The Sentry Box plays host to a number of different workshops throughout the year, and game nights each week.

The Sentry Box is the quint-essential destination for gamers and hobbyists in Calgary. If you are looking for a hip new board game for your next party or meet up, you will find it at the Sentry Box, and even better – you can use your Calgary Dollars towards 50% of the purchase price.

The Sentry Box is 13,000 sq. ft. of awesome display and gaming space, and was used as a shooting location for the film Lloyd the Conqueror! See a trailer for the film here. Follow Lloyd the Conqueror on Twitter here.

The Sentry Box is a haven for gamers and hobbyists, and is a valued member of the Calgary Dollars community. Pleas follow the Sentry Box and Calgary Dollars on all of our social media sites: Sentry Box Facebook here and Sentry Box Twitter here; and Calgary Dollars Facebook here and Calgary Dollars Twitter here.



The Sentry Box

Phone: 403-245-2121     Email:     Website: