Calgary Dollars Accepted for Business Licence Fee – Moonstone Creation First To Pay


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We are pleased to announce you can now pay approx. 50% of your City of Calgary business licensing renewal fee with Calgary Dollars currency.

The business license renewal fee is $141. As a Calgary Dollars business member you will be able to pay this renewal fee in two parts, $75 in federal currency and the remaining balance of $66 with your Calgary Dollars.

This transaction does not apply to other areas of approval e.g. health; police; fire or planning that is required to obtain your business license.  If you have not earned enough C$ to pay the C$ currency portion, we  will consider a gift certificate (in $20 to $30) denominations) from your business to make up the shortfall. We will sell those Gift Cards to our membership to recover the C$ while simultaneously promoting your business.

If you are a business considering a City of Calgary business license or a renewal, please contact the Calgary Dollars team and we would be happy to answer any questions to determine if you need to be licensed.

This new program provides an alternative payment option for your business and stimulates the local economy by actively increasing Calgary Dollars engagement by local businesses and local community members. Calgary Dollars serves as a customer loyalty program for local businesses. Even better, the Calgary Dollars revenue earned by the City of Calgary is reinvested in the Take Action Grant program, funding social and environmental projects in our city.

You can call our office at 403 270 8002 or via email at to get involved. This new initiative is coordinated through the Calgary Dollars office, so please do not contact the City of Calgary Business Licensing Department directly. When you have contacted C$ to move forward with this offer, we will let the licensing department know that you have paid your 50% in Calgary $, it will then be entered in your file and you can then go to the City of Calgary 800 Macleod Trail, Business License Cashier and deposit the remaining amount or pay the amount online.

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